Five Stars Hotel in Dakar, Senegal





IMG_4293Terrou Bi Dakar

In collaboration with the Client, who is a dear Friend, we are now supplying and the results will be shortly online.. Now just some renderings, but not only, we have also a specially design, dark emperador top fully equipped conference table

Five Stars Hotel in Dakar, Senegal: Design and Build contract including DRY WALLS, FALSE CEILINGS, FF&E, FIT OUT, OSE, WINDOW & DOOR FRAMES

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Another small apartment in Tessin

A small intervention with limited investment, the results were these…. Notwithstanding the low budget, excluding the dining table, lighting and chairs, everything was custom made; even handles… 

There was a small miracle: the cooking island hidden by a custom made piece of furniture with stainless steel top and sliding cover…

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Design Design and Build Refurbishment