Hyatt Regency Chantilly – France

215 Rooms and a very very huge Public Area.

We are close to deliver. It has been a very huge job and not easy. Professional photos will follow; these are just a preliminary….










Public Area















































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Nobu Restaurant @ Royal Monceau Paris

It has been a great honour to have given our collaboration to this great Chef and to one of the most evaluated hotels in Paris






















































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5, Churchill Place Canary Warf London

Short was the time to produce, day and night the time to install, great is the satisfaction for the result and the congratulations received by the Client, the Architect and the colleagues that collaborated for MEP works.

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Five Stars Hotel in Dakar, Senegal





IMG_4293Terrou Bi Dakar

In collaboration with the Client, who is a dear Friend, we are now supplying and the results will be shortly online.. Now just some renderings, but not only, we have also a specially design, dark emperador top fully equipped conference table

Five Stars Hotel in Dakar, Senegal: Design and Build contract including DRY WALLS, FALSE CEILINGS, FF&E, FIT OUT, OSE, WINDOW & DOOR FRAMES

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Design Design and Build Refurbishment 

Top class apartment in Paris

More than this is almost impossible. The location is really extraordinary, the design is very sophisticated: Pascal Desprez is a friend and an utmost experience for our development. The site is still open and we will end our deliveries soon. It is a pity that we are not allowed to show the final aspect of this marvelous apartment. But we are sure that this is enough to appreciate.

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