Once upon a time… 25 years ago….

In 1990 we have designed and built this housing site near Parma. Few days ago I went down there and I felt something again. This is the reason way, without making any arrangement or changing anything from what I have found in a private house where an entire family lives, I decided to snap some photos; they are not professional, the house was not prepared for a photographic reportage, you can see the disorder, the age of everything, some repair but still I had the sensation that they are still updated. Today I would design differently some particular but, the whole concept of the house, of the volumes, the design of the garden, the location of the pool would remain the same. After 25 years is a nice feeling to see something you have designed and done and to be still satisfied..

It is a 3.000 sq m plot located on the hills near Langhirano where we have built 1.300 sq m. Four apartments where we have totally designed the interior of one of them, the largest of more than 500 sq m, four garages and 2 parking places; a 16 cameras TVCC alarm system together with armored doors and windows is giving the necessary security. The apartment was totally furnished with one library, one sitting room, one dining room, kitchen, one office, one tv room, one relax room with sauna, four bedrooms, one fitness, 5 bathrooms, shoes room, laundry, balcony, garden and porch. The swimming pool is shared with the other 3 apartments.

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